About us

To us, cycling is the ultimate freedom. We meet our best friends on our bikes, it removes barriers, opens hearts, and takes us places we never thought we could go. But we recognize that there are barriers to getting into the outdoors. Certain equipment can be cost-prohibitive which can make this sport exclusionary. But, we heartily believe that cycling is an experience that should not be reserved for only a few. We want to encourage those looking to get into the sport to not be dissuaded by any obstacles. So, we've put together a few pages of resources that includes used bike shops, earn-a-bike programs, and other cycling clubs in the Bay Area that help EVERYONE get outside. 

We are kicking off an initiative "Race to End Racism" that will be a series of fundraisers and inclusive outdoor group activities in Northern California. To start, we have designed a hoodie, bike kit, hat, socks, and a few other special items and will donate 100% of proceeds to three organizations: 1) Cycles of Change a nonprofit community bike shop in West Oakland that provides affordable bikes and after school bike clubs to the youth that need it most, 2) Trips for Kids, a national organization that brings kids from all walks of life into the outdoors on bikes, and 3) Waterside Workshops, an organization in Berkeley that offers internships, classes, job training and recreational opportunities for low income youth through their bike shop. 

We've asked local outdoor shops, brands, and athletes, to join us to commit to providing ongoing directives that foster accessibility and representation in the outdoor community. Together we are excited to provide these directives to continue to grow these sports in a way that is inclusive to all. We hope you will join us. 

To learn more about the organizations we are supporting, you can visit their websites here: 

Cycles of Change- https://www.cyclesofchange.org/

Waterside Workshops- https://watersideworkshops.org/

Trips for Kids- https://www.tripsforkids.org/


Race to End Racism 


Want to get involved? Email: Theracetoendracism@gmail.com